Praise for U U O U:

U U O U is a "living sculpture" (to steal Martin's words) of love — full of rare
earnestness, sticky nostalgia, hot humor, and the most excellent kind of
exaggeration. You'll want to whisper these existential mini-opuses to your lover
as they are falling asleep — or maybe scream them at the top of your lungs to
wake them up. — Molly Prentiss, author of Tuesday Nights in 1980

M.G. Martin writes poems for the love of his life / for the love / of life / for his
life. Looking at love poems / being in the midst of them is always / being in
awe of them / of suddenly being in the place you've read about / the mountain
now / in front of you. "our dust is the physical / form of dream space." These
poems remind me how daring it is / to be near someone / a tiny tin of ground
up tree roots / forever unfolding / here and forever ago. — Carrie Lorig,
author of The Blood Barn

U U O U is a book of real love...rivers of loss, strands of hair in the shower,
sucking glass slivers from your lover’s foot, naked on the mountain-type love.
This collection captures something enormous and unnameable, death and the
ocean and afternoon light through a window prism. A corporeal meditation on
what it means to truly be inside someone and them inside you. Read it out loud
to your sweetie and your hearts will never die. — Matt L. Roar, author of My